Here is it, are you ready?

I am very sorry to anyone that was offended by the sign.

 It was meant to be fun, campy,  but also serious.  I was hoping people could relate to these characters they watch every week on television, especially if they do not know any gay people in real life.  I have been fighting for marriage equality for years now, at rallies and events.  I know that these protests can be somber and sad at times.  I was hoping that my sign would put a smile on someone’s face.  It sparked a lot of discussion here on Tumblr, Twitter, and in person.  If people are talking about LGBT rights, then we are moving in the right direction. 

You can tear me down all you want.  If it makes you feel like a better person to put someone else down, okay then.  Just know that in my heart, I want equal rights for everyone.  Even all of my anon haters.

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    I like in the last paragraph you go straight to being the victim in all of this. Here’s a lesson in taking criticism. So...
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    ally tears ITT
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    No, some people really should be sorry about for their “support”. There do, in fact, exist people who would be better...
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    Dude, our sexuality isn’t here for your entertainment. We aren’t “your gays” or “your bisexuals” or however we identify....
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    It is not that we do not get what it was “meant” to say, the problem is in the HOW it was said. Something like, “If you...
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    I don’t think anyone’s saying you don’t want marriage equality. But the sign is not really supportive of that. Saying...
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    You shouldn’t be sorry for supporting marriage equality. Never ever ever. Thank you OP.
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    After that last post, I feel like OP should get her say heard.
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