My favorite parts in a lot of songs aren’t the words or the music, but the other sounds the singer makes… breathing, moaning… There is a part in Razorblade Kiss where Ville goes, “sssssk sssssk sssssk sssssssk” at 2:27…. it’s my favorite part ever.

The breathing 2:33 

The moan…yell thing…omg… at 0:40

Everything from 2:35 - 3:01

The breathing at 3:28… omg… this one is my absolute favorite.  Any song Ville sings there is a lot of breathey, gaspy singing… it’s so hot.


I love a good guitar solo.


If I had to pick one shoe to wear for the rest of my life, even though my feet would be fucked up, I would pick black low top converse.  I have always loved this shoe, even before it became popular.  It reminds me of the 50’s.  It is super comfortable.  Stylish.  My favorite.  




Stephen King is one of my favorite authors.  The first Stephen King book I ever read was, Christine.  I love the book and the movie.  And especially, the car.  I wish I could trade my Corolla in for a Red ‘58 Plymouth Fury.




I have a fascination with Serial Killers.  My mom had a bunch of books about them and when I was younger I would sneak the books and read about Jack the Ripper and Ted Bundy.  I do not support what they do by any means.  I think the fascination is just wondering why, or how someone could do such things.  I think my questions will never be fully answered. 


My favorite food in the whole world is Mashed Potatoes.  Needless to say… I haven’t been eating much of them on this journey.  I don’t really miss them too much.


In high school I wanted to be a make-up artist for TV shows.  My dream was to work on Will and Grace.


Even though I am totally boy crazy and love looking at/listening to guys, I have a lot of anxiety when I am around guys in real life.  I am always afraid that they are judging me because of my weight.  If I go to the grocery store, I always pick the line with a woman cashier.  When looking for a doctor or a dentist, I always ask for a female.  I feel like women understand my hardships a little better.  I hope that as the weight comes off I feel more comfortable being around guys in public situations.


I love Androgyny.  


My husband and I are the same height and I think it’s awesome.