maryannisawkward and I were discussing season 6 and how much we hate the spoilers of Blainofsky and such. We started talking about ships that we WOULD like to see and I said I would die for some Sebastian and Elliott. I think they would be good together because Elliott could help ground Sebastian. Also, it would be the hottest couple ever. So basically I’m putting out a request for a 33 chapter fic, well written and heavy on the smut. Also excellent fan art with plenty of nudity and NSFW. KThankssss


this is so me

FanFiction Help!

I need some opinions.  I just got a great idea for a fanfiction that I want to write.  I have never written one before, and I am inspired.  I want it to be good because I think the idea is good.  Other than smut…. what makes you really like or connect with a fanfiction?  What do you look for in the story?  What makes one better than another?  Any tips of ideas are completely welcome!  ?

I can not stop thinking about Little Numbers. It makes me want to set up a mission for my husband like Kurt did for Blaine. It’s so cute and romantic. I’m going to start researching some ideas for San Diego.


I’m all caught up on Little Numbers.  I’m crying.  I never had any idea that a fanfic would make me have all these feelings…. I get it.  I understand why everyone loves that story so much.  And now I am in the same boat as everyone else…. waiting for the next update.  So beautiful.  I want to read it again.

Oh My God…. Little Numbers…. I’m on Chapter 10 and I am dying…. my heart is full and I have shed a few tears, happy tears.  This is adorable… why did I wait so wait long to start this????

Why did  I just start reading (from the beginning!) Little Numbers right when I have to leave to go to the gym… oh I have no plans today, I know what I am doing.